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Clinical Practices Compliance Office

The Billing Compliance Office and the endorsed compliance program establishes a framework for legal compliance to be used by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center has consistently demonstrated a strong and abiding commitment to ensure compliance with all applicable laws affecting healthcare billing and privacy in an academic medical practice setting. The adoption of a compliance program represents the commitment of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center for this activity.

The Billing Compliance Program is Designed to...

  • Promote an ethical workplace that encourages compliance within the letter and spirit of the law,
  • Ensure that UTHSC complies with all applicable university policies and procedures,
  • Prevent, detect, and report civil/criminal conduct concerning fraud and abuse violations by its employees or agents,
  • Educate employees concerning their role in the UTHSC compliance program,
  • Provide a workplace that enables employees to participate in the compliance program without fear of retribution.

The responsibility of the Billing Compliance Office and the provisions of the compliance program apply to activities performed by the university in its services provided to beneficiaries of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Last Published: Dec 6, 2016