Full Standing

All postgraduate dental education programs at the UTHSC College of Dentistry (with the exception of the Masters of Dental Hygiene) require that an applicant have a DDS, DMD, or equivalent degree. Each postgraduate program may have additional requirements that are listed on that program's individual web site or internal documentation. A student admitted to full standing may be required to remedy specific deficiencies in past training as part of their postgraduate training as prescribed by the program in which the student is enrolled.

Master of Dental Hygiene

The Master in Dental Hygiene is an advanced post professional degree designed for licensed dental hygienists with baccalaureate degrees. The goal of the post professional degree program, Master in Dental Hygiene (MDH), is to attract future graduate students from Tennessee as well as nationwide in order to initially prepare or further develop individual's skills to serve as educators and leaders in the dental hygiene profession. It is expected that this program will attract a wide audience due to the following unique characteristics of the program. The online web-mediated design will allow students to earn a graduate degree from their area of residence while continuing to teach or practice. The flexible curricula design allows for full or part time enrollment. For complete information about the program, please consult the Master of Dental Hygiene page

Provisional Standing

Admission with provisional standing may be granted at the discretion of the College of Dentistry to a student who does not qualify for full standing. A provisional student is expected to fulfill requirements for quality academic performance, as specified by the program and by the College of Dentistry’s Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs. Additional course work may also be required to remedy past deficiencies. Upon completion of one semester of study, the provisional student’s record will be reviewed. If the conditions set forth by the program and the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs have been satisfied, and the student has met the general quality requirements set forth by the program, transfer to full standing will be granted. Otherwise, the student will be required to withdraw from the program of study.

All students selected for admission into postgraduate dental education programs who have not completed the requirements necessary for graduation from dental school will be granted provisional standing. After the student has graduated, the student must arrange for the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs to receive the following: (1) a final official transcript, and (2) a final official copy of the National Board Dental Examination scores. Upon receipt of complete credentials, the complete admission record and application will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs for the College of Dentistry and the respective program director to determine if the final efforts in dental school were consistent with credentials available during the selection process. If performance was acceptable, a recommendation will be made to the Dean to change status from provisional to full standing. If final performance was less than satisfactory, the offer of acceptance will be withdrawn or the student will be maintained on provisional standing.

No student will be allowed to register without submitting final credentials and having his/her student standing reviewed and determined (provisional, full, or acceptance withdrawn).

Transfer credit

Students wishing to transfer credit for postgraduate study from another institution or another college within the University must have the approval of the Program Director, Department Chair in which the program is conducted, and the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs.

Additional course work

Individual students enrolled in a postgraduate dental education program may be assigned studies or activities beyond the general requirements set forth by the program director in order to complete the program. In such instances, the student is to be notified in writing by the Program Director, with a copy filed with the Department Chair and the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Affairs.

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