Academic and Clinical Faculty


Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email

Chair of Department

Ashley Harkrider, PhD Professor Physiological Correlates of Auditory Perception (865) 974-1810
Program Directors
Patrick N. Plyler, PhD Professor Diagnostic audiology, amplification, and aural rehabilitation. Current research projects are examining the effectiveness of digital hearing instruments as well as the efficacy of bone-conducted otoacoustic emissions. (865) 974-7588
Tim Saltuklaroglu, PhD Professor Stuttering, Speech Perception (865) 974-0355

Academic Faculty

Devin Casenhiser, PhD Assistant Professor Functional and Cognitive Factors Affecting Language Learning in Neurotypical and Autistic Populations (865) 974-1808
Molly Erickson, PhD Associate Professor Voice and Speech Science (865) 974-9895
Katie Faulkner, PhD Assistant Professor Adult and pediatric cochlear implantation, cognitive hearing science, and aural rehabilitation 856-974-1793
Erinn Finke, PhD, CCC-SLP Associate Professor Social development, Social intervention, Friendship formation, and Friendship intervention (865) 974-4802
Office: SSH 434
Mark Hedrick, PhD Professor Speech perception, psychophysics (865) 974-8105
Patti Johnstone, PhD Associate Professor, Director of Audiology Unaided, aided and prosthetic spatial hearing; Hearing loss prevention (865) 974-3319
James Lewis, PhD

Assistant Professor Otoacoustic emissions, cochlear mechanics, and sound transmission in the ear canal and middle ear. (865) 974-0354
Jillian H. McCarthy, PhD, CCC-SLP Assistant Professor Child language and literacy; Speech Sound Disorders, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (865) 974-3761
Office:527 SSH
Eun Jin Paek, PhD Assistant Professor Neurogenic Language Disorders, Intervention of language deficits and associated neurophysiological changes in fMRI, Singe subject experimental designs (865) 974-5277
Office: SSH 428
Kevin Reilly, PhD Assistant Professor Speech motor control; sensorimotor integration; speech sequencing in healthy speakers and speakers with dysarthria; (865) 974-5219

Clinical Faculty - Hearing and Speech Center

Ellen Hamby, PhD, CCC-SLP Clinical Associate Professor Evaluation and treatment of adult neurogenic communication disorders (865) 974-4652
Tricia Hedinger, MS, CCC-SLP Clinical Assistant Professor Fluency Disorders, Early Childhood Language Disorders, Pediatric Feeding Disorders (865) 974-4641
Sue Bessel Hume, PhD, CCC-SLP Clinical Associate Professor Voice disorders, phonological and structural speech disorders; childhood apraxia (865) 974-4657
Carrie E. Mills, PhD, CCC-SLP Clinical Assistant Professor Speech sound and language disorders, literacy, dysphagia, cognition (865) 974-4647
Nola T. Radford, PhD,
Professor and Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Research in SLP Stuttering Intervention for School-age Children, Language Development and Disorders in Children, Speech Sound Disorder, Speech-language screening in Mild Cognitive Impairment Associated with Alzheimer's Dementia, Student Engagement and Use of Technology in Higher Education, Clinical Supervision
Teresa R. Vaughn, MA, CCC-SLP Clinical Associate Professor Evaluation and treatment of pediatric patients with an emphasis in speech sound disorders, autism, language delay, and feeding disorders (865) 974-1789
Allison Wegman, MS, CCC-SLP Clinical Assistant Professor Evaluation and treatment in speech sound disorders and language delay and adult neurogenic disorder and dysphagia. (865) 974-0658
Jennifer Wilson, MA, CCC-SLP

Clinical Instructor Pediatric feeding/swallowing issues, speech and language delays/disorders and voice disorders. (865) 974-6740

Clinical Faculty - Audiology Clinic

Steven M. Doettl, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Associate Professor Vestibular evaluation and treatment; auditory and vestibular electrophysiological assessment; diagnostic evaluation and amplification for the adult population (865) 974-3764
Brittany Rinehart Grayless, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Instructor Diagnostic audiology and amplification for the adult population; tinnitus evaluation and treatment; vestibular evaluation and treatment, vestibular electrophysiological assessment (865) 974-9076
Jennifer Hausladen, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Assistant Professor Diagnostic audiology and amplification for pediatric and adult populations; tinnitus evaluation and treatment (865) 974-9122
Beth Humphrey, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Associate Professor Diagnostic audiology and amplification for both pediatric and adult populations, cochlear implant programming, cochlear implant mapping and auditory processing evaluations (865) 974-2548
Erin Plyler, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Associate Professor Serves pediatric patients birth through 21 years old. Specializing in pediatric diagnostics, amplification (hearing aids and FM systems) and auditory processing evaluations (865) 974-3765
Kelly Yeager, AuD, CCC-A Clinical Associate Professor Primarily serves birth to age 21 including, infant hearing screenings / electrophysiological diagnostic evaluations, audiological behavioral diagnostic evaluations, hearing aid/ FM evaluations/fittings, cochlear implant mapping and family support/education. (865) 974-1799

Clinical Faculty - Child Hearing Services

Velvet Buehler, MA, CCC-SLP, CCC-A Clinical Professor Aural habilitation for children with hearing impairments; aural habilitation for children with cochlear implants; evaluation of children with central auditory processing disorders (CAPD); evaluation and fitting of amplification devices (865) 974-1798
Ashley Irick, MS, CCC-SLP Clinical Instructor Pediatric and Adult Aural Habilitation therapy for individuals who use cochlear implants and hearing aids; Aural/Oral communication assessments, pre and post cochlear implant evaluations for children and adults; family support and education; Adult cochlear implant auditory training; treatment of children with auditory processing disorders. (865) 974-4758
Emily Noss, MA, CCC-SLP Clinical Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator Pediatric Aural Habilitation for children who use cochlear implants and hearing aids; Aural/Oral communication assessments; pre- and post-cochlear implant evaluations; Aural Habilitation pre-school program; parent support and education; adult cochlear implant auditory training; Alternative/augmentative communication (865) 974-8663
Autumn Sanderson, MA, CCC-SLP Clinical Instructor Areas of Expertise: Pediatric and adult aural habilitation therapy; aural/oral communication assessments; pre- and post-cochlear implant evaluations; family support and education; evaluation and treatment of children with central auditory processing disorders. (865) 974-1797  

Clinical Faculty - Pediatric Language Clinic

Vickie Barnes, MA, CCC-SLP Clinical Associate Professor Pediatrics (birth-to-three); specifically in the areas of autism/PDD, sensory integration / motor development, augmentative communication, oral motor stimulation, and apraxia (865) 974-6702
Libby Beidelschies, MA, CCC-SLP

Clinical Instructor Early language development, feeding, and oral motor skills in the birth to three population (865) 974-6702

Adjunct Faculty

Kimberly Barry, AuD, FAAA, CCC-A Clinical Associate Professor Adult and geriatric diagnostic audiology; vestibular assessment; hearing aid outcomes; professional issues 706-731-7260
Joseph Smaldino, PhD Professor Classroom acoustics, adult aural rehabilitation, speech perception, outcomes measurement, hearing science, physiological measures of audition 815-762-5984
Joanna W. Tampas, PhD, CCC-A Clinical Assistant Professor Auditory electophysiology, Adult diagnostic audiology, Telehealth (865) 545-4592

Emeritus Faculty

Carl Asp, PhD Emeritus Verbotonal and Speech Science
Samuel B. Burchfield, PhD Emeritus Amplification
Jerry Carney, PhD Emeritus Professional Development, Structural Disorders
Jack Ferrell, MA Emeritus Hearing Conservation and Sound Level Measurement
Ilsa Schwarz, PhD Emeritus Child Language and Literacy
Carol Sheridan, MA, CCC-SLP Emeritus Pediatric language and phonology
James W. Thelin, PhD Emeritus Clinical procedures in audiology. Hearing/vestibular disorders, communication development in CHARGE syndrome.