Competencies - General Education for Medical Laboratory Science Program

  1. Communication – Students must be able to communicate effectively in a style appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience. 
  2. Mathematics – Students must be able to apply basic mathematical tools in the solution of real-world problems.
  3. Sciences – Students must be able to apply principles of the natural, behavioral and social sciences in the solution of problems encountered.
  4. Critical Thinking - Students must be able to demonstrate their ability to solve problems, construct and present cogent arguments in support of one’s views, and understand and evaluate arguments presented by others. 
  5. Information Literacy – Students must be able to seek, access, critically evaluate and appropriately apply information.
  6. Technology - Students must be able to use technology in communicating, solving problems, and acquiring information in a professional manner. 

General education competencies will be measured through tools and strategies such as student performance on oral presentations, written critiques of research papers, and papers written in capstone courses. Math competencies may be measured through tools such as comprehensive math examinations prior to graduation. Students will be apprised of specific strategies to be used to evaluate their mastery of the general education competencies during new student orientation. 

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