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Regional map showing 200-mile radius from campuses. Out-of-state Pharmacy students who reside within 200 miles of our campuses qualify for a regional 75% out-of-state tuition differential reduction.

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Tennessee’s highest ranked college of pharmacy advancing excellence in pharmacy education, practice, and research for more than a century.

Campuses in Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville

What an exciting time to be a part of UTHSC College of Pharmacy!  With the implementation of a new Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, the $36.7 million multidisciplinary simulation center, and continuous growth of our Nashville campus, the advancement of our clinical and research-intensive education programs continue to exemplify why UTHSC remains one of the top 20 colleges of pharmacy in the nation.

The UTHSC College of Pharmacy is a leader in training the profession’s next generation of top-tier educators, practitioners, and pharmaceutical scientists.   Explore our innovative and dynamic curricular programs designed to produce knowledgeable, skilled and caring pharmacists prepared to serve in all areas of medication management and research.

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