Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

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Psychiatric care for the elderly poses a unique set of challenges for elderly with late onset psychiatric disorders, frail elderly, and those with a range of cognitive impairment. More than any other area, care must be streamlined, coherent and effectively coordinated with multiple disciplines, and requires an additional body of knowledge, interviewing and evaluative skills.

Two Institute of Medicine reports highlight the Geriatric Manpower Shortage and need for better training with this population. We anticipate a return of differentiall y higher salaries and fee schedules for Board Certified individuals in priority areas once health care reforms are finalized. At the University of Tennessee, there is a push to make significant enhancements in education and training in Geriatrics.

Program Description

  • Primary sites are the Memphis VA Medical Center, Lakeside Behavioral Health System, and University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Group and Individual Supervision
  • Work with Dementia
  • ECT Experience
  • Inpatient and Consultation Experience
  • Psychotherapy Experiences
  • Long Term Care Experiences
  • Selective Committee Participation Quality Improvement Research
  • Teaching Medical Students and other Residents
  • Rural Telepsychiatry

Seminars and Conferences

  • About 4 hours of didactic education (seminars, lectures, online learning) per week
  • Seminars in gerontology, dementias, med-psych interface, systems of care, geriatric psychopharmacology
  • Geriatrics 03 Cognitive Aging and Dementia (monthly, 12 sessions)
  • Geriatric Case Conferences
  • University lectures

Primary Faculty

There will be many faculty and allied health involved in your training, but your main psychiatry mentors will be:

  • Paul B. Hill, MD, Assistant Professor and Program Director
  • Sandra Baltz, MD, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Psychiatry Training at the VA
  • James Green, MD, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry
  • Kenneth Sakauye, MD, Professor Emeritus, VA Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Jack Tsao, MD, Professor, Neurology
  • Daniel Boyd, MD, Instructor Psychiatry
  • Radwan Haykal, MD, Professor and Site Director at Lakeside
  • Christopher White, MD, Instructor Psychiatry

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be eligible for an unrestricted medical license in TN
  • Must have successfully completed core requirements in an ACGME accredited General Adult Residency (Board Eligible)

Application Process

  • Complete the Universal Application for Fellowship
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation (one from the Program Director)
  • Submit a Personal Statement
  • Complete an interview with us (hotel and meals for 1 day are supplied)
  • There is no deadline for applications. (Interviews and applications will be accepted until positions are filled – early decisions are possible)

Application Instructions

Please include the following items with your completed application by mail, fax or PDF file by e-mail to the address information below. Application to the Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship is made directly to the Section of Geriatric Psychiatry, not through ERAS.

Complete the Universal Application for Fellowship.

Include the following with your application:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A personal statement (one typewritten page) describing your interest in geriatric psychiatry
  3. A copy of your current medical license (verifies primary degrees and education)

Please have the following letters sent:

  1. Director of Residency Training Program verifying your satisfactory completion (or pending completion of general residency training) and providing a reference
  2. One additional letter of recommendation from a faculty member you have worked with.
  3. 3. Any addition letter you feel is appropriate as a character reference

An interview is required. Although we cannot reimburse you for travel, but can supply overnight lodging at a University residence, and will arrange dinner, and lunch meetings with residents or staff.

We can arrange for interviews to applicants based on the above, but before acceptance you will be asked to supply primary verification of degrees, certificates of training, and licensures. Before starting, you must have an unrestricted Tennessee Medical License.


Leigh Ann Barns
920 Madison Avenue, #212
Memphis, TN 38163

Program Director
Paul B. Hill, MD
Assistant Professor and Program Director of Geriatric Psychiatry
Phone:  901-448-2400


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Department of Psychiatry
920 Madison, Second Floor
Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Program Director:
Paul B. Hill, MD

Leigh Ann Barns
Phone: 901-448-2302
Fax: 901-448-1684

Sponsoring Information:
The University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

A Recent Publication:

Geriatric Psychiatry Basics
W.W. Norton & Co., New York

"Geriatric Psychiatry Basics is that increasingly rare exposition by a master clinician. Seasoned clinicians and resident students alike can learn from him."
Dan G. Blazer MD, Ph.D., (Duke University)

"...the best practical guide yet for those who have to navigate the complex world of geriatric psychiatry. Psychiatric residents, mental health professionals, family physicians, and psychogeriatric specialists should all have this excellent book in their libraries."
Joel Sadavoy, M.D. (University of Toronto)