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Authorship Dispute Committee

The Office of Research has formed an Authorship Dispute Committee to handle disputes about general authorship complaints which do not fall under the RIO's jurisdiction of plagiarism. This committee is in the process of adopting guidelines for authorship to be reported on this website. Until we have formulated our guidelines, we use the ICMJE Recommendations.

While it is preferred that departments and colleges arbitrate these types of disputes, if a resolution cannot be found, this committee will be convened to make a recommendation.

This committee is made up of representatives from all of the colleges at UTHSC*:

  • Dr. Susan Senogles, Chair
  • Dr. Terry Ackerman, CGHS
  • Dr. Laura Thoma, COP
  • Dr. Melody Waller, CON
  • Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, COD
  • Dr. Zheng Fan, COM

*There is currently no representative from CHS.

Last Published: Sep 30, 2016